Tea is the most popular beverage in the world. It is drank by billions of people in a lot of countries. Also, there are a variety of different tea types available to choose from. Ranging from basic tea to iced tea, green tea, milk tea, the variations are out there. In this blog, we will look at a particular type of herbal tea from Hawaii, US. Would you like to have a cup of Hawaiian tea?

Organic Hawaiian Tea

The herbal tea in mention here is Māmaki tea. This tea is native to the island of Hawaii. In ancient Hawaiian culture, Māmaki meant good health and longevity. The Māmaki plant, or Pipturus albidus is a stingless member of the nettle family. It has dark-green leaves with vibrant red veins and are usually found as a bush, shrub or tree, growing up to 30 feet. The Māmaki leaves, fruit and seeds have a history of positively aiding in human health with their beneficial properties.

Benefits of Māmaki Plant
  1. Drinking the tea helps to clear lungs or respiratory problems against allergies, smoke, or volcanic smog (VOG).
  2. It promotes a healthy immune system.
  3. The tea is primarily acts as a tonic, aiding in depression, lethargy, weakness or listlessness.
  4. The tea leaves lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and soothe the nervous system.
  5. Māmaki tea is high in antioxidants including catechins, chlorogenic acid and rutin.
  6. The fruit and seeds are traditional laxatives and also aid in delivering babies in pregnant women.
  7. Māmaki fruit also has properties of healing wounds.
Characteristics of the Tea

Māmaki tea is known for its herbal nature. So, it is typically a herbal tea. It has a refreshing flavour with subtle fruit notes and a mild acidity range. Adding a tint of lemon juice enhances the flavours. The tea is also naturally free from caffeine.

An unique property of this tea is that it can be served as both hot and cold tea. Thus, it forms a good add-on to snacks during the summers and winters. You just need to add a few ice cubes in the tea to get relief from the hot summer months.

Where to get it?

There are numerous online stores which offer the tea packets. Also, one can find the original products from native Hawaiian tea companies which sells locally as well as exports internationally. Some of them are:

  1. Hala Tree Coffee
  2. Kona Coffee & Tea
  3. Shaka Tea

Online multinational stores like Amazon also offer them. In my opinion, drinking a cup of herbal tea is totally beneficial, especially if there isn’t much physical exercise involved in one’s lifestyle.

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