is beginning to take it’s very first steps towards India’s diverse agricultural sector. Now it’s very important to know what is it about and what can one expect. This blog will provide you with a deep insight regarding the same. Amazon is looking forward to secure the farm produce that , as we know yields two thirds from the country’s 1 trillion dollar budget in annual retail spending.

What is it?

The ecommerce giant headquartered in Seattle has started to offer advices and information in real time. This happens through a specialized mobile app solely designed for this purpose. Moreover this app offers and promises to provide the people involved and growers with information on cutting edge technology and various other such valuable insights.

Facts And Information

The aim and sole purpose of the move is to boost their business by helping the agricultural sector – modernizing an industry dominated by the large communities of small farmers.
Procuring and Securing a steady supply of fruits, vegetable and other such agriculture products, groceries are the key factors that contribute to dominate the e commerce around the world.

Functioning And Roles Of The Mobile App

  1. The mobile app provides different alerts regarding the agricultural sector.
  2. It is efficient in addressing and providing information on soil pests, weather, diseases in crops and other such related queries.
  3. It can also provide machine learning elaborate algorithms to detect any kind of defects in fruits and vegetables.
  4. Moreover the application will also help the farmers in sorting, grading and packing agricultural products and groceries for transport to various amazon fresh fulfillment centers across the country.

Personal Opinion

Such strategies and moves are both advantageous and profitable. Though these efforts may require a whole lot and considerable amount of time period before results can be seen, they can prove to be actually helpful for the people on a large scale, by providing them information at a place with a single click.

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