In India, farmers are considered the most hard-working professionals. Farmer is associated with many things other than farming. Farming for instance seems very delectable but it’s much more expertise and hard work to get a good yield. Starting from sowing to harvest farmers face many challenges. To overcome the challenges like disease pest incidence or water scarcity government took many steps to ease farmer pressure. But still maximum rural farmer have to take care of their crop on there own.But companies like Bayer’s who promisingly protect in dian farmer crops through there medicines and pesticides for decade now is of great support.To further extent the support Bayer’s crop science limited decided to help small-scale farmer through aerial monitoring of soil and plant through drone’s eye.

Finally on November 23rd, Bayer CropScience Limited has conducted its first drone test at its multi-crop breeding center at Chandipa near Hyderabad.

The on-ground event, showcasing a field demonstration on the use of drones in agricultural operations, was attended by eminent partners and industry stakeholders, including representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Indian Council of Agricultural Research. The Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar also shared a message on this occasion.  

“India making progress in technology and digitization”

In a message on the occasion, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that, I am really happy to know that Bayer is working on a pilot project on the use of drones in agriculture”. In a statement, the company quoted the minister as saying that “India is making great strides in technology and digitization. Adopting them for agricultural purposes is the next step in the government’s efforts to make farmers prosperous”.

D. Narain, CEO & Managing Director, Bayer CropScience Limited said, “With a legacy of 125 years in India, we are committed to enhancing access to sustainable digital farming solutions, enabling greater operational efficiency to ultimately enhance smallholder farmers productivity and income. 

How it will transform farming and farmer’s life?

Bayer has partnered with innovative drone startup, General Aeronautics Pvt. Ltd. and conducted several in-house and external R&D trials with universities and central research institutions to generate data to make drone-based services available to farmers.  

Based on the initial achievement the following could be the advantage and capabilities of drone farming:-

  1. Drone backed farming could help paddy, corn, sugarcane, wheat, vegetable, fruits grower to inspect their crops and yield better.
  2. It can boost farm automation and mechanization.
  3. The precision eye of drones can help farmers by providing customized crop management steps.
  4. It can protect the crop from unpredictable weather fluctuation.
  5. Lastly it will boost farmer income and optimise input and it’s cost.
How it is the biggest opportunity for agriculture students?
Drone technologies with infinite carrier opportunities.

Bayer’s has now started drone farming trials in Telangana but the company has said that it will expand there services to other states of India too.

In the next 2 years, drone and precision farming could be next level ecosystem in agriculture.Apart from Bayer”s there are several emerging company who share same niche of drone farming in India.

Wide-scale service in a huge country like India requires hiring a large skilled workforce, especially from an agricultural background. So, if you are pursuing Bsc. Agriculture you must upskill yourself and learn drone technology. Because the drone technologist certificate will going to be strengthen your CV and ensure your placement in multi national companies like Bayer.

How you can learn drone technology?

1st time in India Just Agriculture in collaboration with NAHEP presents Best ever Training on AgriDrones.

The special session on AgriDrones is conducted by Dr.Gopal U Shinde( PI, NAHEP-DFSRDA-ICAR)and second session will be conducted by Drone expert, CEO FOPPLE drone technology Mr.Gopi Raja(Drone Raja).

The workshop includes:-

  1. Automating drone flight mapping
  2. GIS for agriculture
  3. Agri-Drone computing and mechatronics
  4. Detailled description on ” Use of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture”.

So, enthusiastic learner and placement seeker register yourself for this once in a lifetime workshop and become a certified drone technologist.

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Today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.

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