The word Bonsai is combination of two words Bon(meaning shallow pan) Sai (meaning plant). It is a fascinating art thrived in Japan and become an integral part of Japanese culture. In Japanese homes, there are plants which are known to be 100 years old . This treasured art is past from generation to generation in Japanese society . These fascinating trees, in addition to being grown outdoors, are great favourite place for growing indoors in such places like living room, veranda, terraces, window-sills, and conservatories.The city dwellers can take advantage to this culture.


Among the various factors determine the suitability the suitability of Bonsai the foremost is its hardiness. It should stand rigorous in of growing in a shallow container, withstand the operations of pruning roots, branches and tough training but still manifest itself as a lively replica of a normal plant. All Bonsai specimens should have trunks which should look natural. The growth of such plants should be in a harmony with a container where it stands and the branches should also reflect a rhythm consistent with artistic value . The trees whose trunk are strong and thick and ground level gives good appearance. The plant who shows seasonal variation and growth patterns are highly favoured. Example :- Adansonia digitata, Adenanthera pavonina, Bombax malabaricum, Brassica actinophylla etc.

Styles of Bonsai

Upright or Chokkan style, Winding or Kyokkuk style, Gnarled or Hankan style, Oblique or Shakan style, Cascading or Kengai style .

HOW TO START :- The first thing is to collect suitable type of plant. A plant raised by Bonsai may be raised by seeds, seedling, cuttings, layering’s or plants collected from wild.

CONTAINERS AND SOIL :- Although choice of the container depends to a certain extent on a personal choice of a grower, we cannot ignore certain guidelines. Whatever, maybe the shape, the container must be shallow . The shape maybe round, oval or rectangular.

Potting and Repotting, Training, Pruning and pinching should be done according to the need.

Pomegranate Bonsai

So you can prepare this fascinating art of Bonsai by yourself and maintain the artistic look of plant in a miniature form to maintain it for many years .

Try this out to have an artistic look to the garden

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