Agriculture is the backbone of the economy of our country. It has been a subject of enormous interest for various students across the globe. In India; agriculture plays an even more important role. Students who desire a successful career in agriculture have grown over time. Though the scopes after pursuing agriculture are unlimited. It can range right from banking to management. The recent subject of interest among students has been the civil service examination: UPSC
Over the years students from different backgrounds have been performing exceptionally well in UPSC. Every year the record for the highest mark’s and the number of students gaining top ranks have only increased. It has been an upward slope ever since then. Over, the recent years a positive trend of such agricultural students participating in such competitive examinations has increased. More and More students have been appearing in the civil service examination with every passing year . Not only does they appear they have been excelling and grabbing top ranks.

Why the sudden surge of students from agricultural background?

A very valid question is why has there been such a surge from students with farming or undergraduate in agricultural studies background. The answer to this question has a variety of aspects to discuss. All of which will be discussed in here. In earlier times ; the knowledge of pursuing agricultural sciences for higher studies was negligible. People were not aware of the scopes and perspectives of pursuing agriculture and farming as something that could pave way for a professional career.

With the availability of more and more knowledge on the internet day by day , people have gained the knowledge of pursuing it as a subject of interest . The ones that get indulged in the studies of agricultural science have amazing scope of appearing for the civil service examination. Being, students of agriculture they have an in depth knowledge on the subject and therefore have a plus point when they appear for such examinations.

Standard of the UPSC examination

The civil service examination are considered among one of the most prestigious examinations in India. Acing such examinations is not an easy task. For the agricultural students; the situation gives a slight advantage. The agricultural syllabus ( that is optional) for the UPSC mains examination is designed absolutely according to the syllabus of agricultural and farming students. A majority of the syllabus is mainly related to the issues faced by farmers, the various soil management practices and other such agricultural topics that need a deep study. This gives an edge to such students.
They already have an in depth knowledge that they have gained over the period of 4 years and more. They are well aware of the different agricultural, farming, forestry and other such topics. Students with such backgrounds can simply opt for agriculture. Though their are a lot of other topics as well but being aware sand having knowledge on something is more advantageous ; which it has proved to be.

Agricultural students that have cracked the UPSC examinations

Many students over the years have passed the examination with flying colours. Among them some of the most well known names that have gained top ranks are mentioned. In 2020, 5 students from TNAU( Tamil Nadu Agricultural University) cleared the examination. A student among them ; named; S Bharani , completed her undergraduation from the university and went on to bag the 58th rank in the examination. Another student named S Sangeetha completed her agriculture at agriculture college and research institute , Madurai went on to bag the 499th rank and is successfully serving in the government sector.

Another student from the same agricultural college in Madurai is now an agriculture officer in the state agriculture department at Paramakudi. Preeti Maithili with an agricultural background is one among the top tankers in the year 2009. She was a gold medalist in her graduation that is in agriculture . In her first attempt she cleared the examination ; and is now successfully in the Indian Administration Service
There are innumerable such examples of students from agricultural backgrounds over the years who have broken records for performing exceptionally.

Personal Opinion

Agricultural is the most important aspect of the economy. With more and more agricultural students opting for administrative purposes; provides a vision. It proves to be a role model for the other students in agricultural and farming streams to take up such competitive examinations and bag top ranks for further development of the agricultural sector so as to help our hardworking farmers by resolving their issues. This would help in bringing a significant change to the entire sector.


  1. About fifty percent of our country’s population is dependent on agriculture, those who study agriculture and do nothing in agriculture, they just want a job, after that they settle down, if this happens, then the agriculture field that is there will go down. Our agriculture field should go a long Way If it is to be improved,Agriculture should get a separate place which is not found in our country at all, they just say that there are farmers

    1. Sorry gentleman you are. UPSC will be cracked by by half dozen Student of agriculture . It will not create any void in serving farmers. Civil servants have crucial role in policy making in various disciplines like Agriculture, Animal husbandry, marketing, agro industries, civil supplies, exports . With agri background they can have vast leverage in policy making which can help farming community.

  2. Many more students from Agricultural backgrounds (graduates & post graduate of Agriculture subject)selected in top most administrative positions but most of them they’re chooses non Agricultural subjects due to lengthy prospects.
    Other subjects are very close for compatible

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