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We all love the unique dishes of South India , let’s talk about the famous whole grain that is consumed in South India and not so great food from our kitchen.

Ragi also known as finger millet and is very popular in South India. It contains proteins, iron, calcium in very high amounts and also some essential amino acids such as phenylalanine, methionine, leucine and isoleucine. This whole grain is a versatile  super food for infants, women and also for aged people.


This cereal has incredible benefits for vegetarians-

  • Powerhouse of Calcium- being a non-dairy product, ragi is a rich source of Calcium  and beneficial for developing bones in infants and also helps in strengthening bones in adults by mitigating the risk of osteoporosis related fractures , lowering of bone density and hence eliminating the dependency of calcium supplements.
  • Treats anaemia– it helps in boosting the haemoglobin levels due to presence of natural iron. Sprouted ragi also contains good amounts of vitamin C which aids in iron absorption.
  • Natural antidepressant- the presence of significant amount of antioxidants in Ragi helps to relax the body and also deals with insomnia, anxiety and headaches.
  • Healthy skin and hair- Ragi is rich in Vitamin B3 ,Vitamin C and methionine  which helps in revitalizing skin and strengthening hair. Also it delays the ageing process and prevents skin cancer.
  • Gluten-free and high in fibre-  holistic breakfast for fitness freaks and person who is intolerant to gluten or suffering from celiac disease. Also this superfood is high in insoluble fibre which keeps you fuller for longer time , relieves constipation and aids in digestion.


Ragi chilla-

Ragi chlla with mouth watering coconut chutney

Energetic breakfast, especially for those who are on a weight loss diet.

  1. 1 cup ragi,  ½ cup instant oats , ½ cup wheat flour, ½ cup curd  and add some water to make the smooth batter.
  2. Add 1 medium sized onion to the batter, 3 tbsp coriander leaves, 2 chopped green chillies, 1 inch grated ginger, salt according to your taste, ½ tbsp of black pepper. Mix them well,you can add more vegetables as per choice
  3. Heat the non stick pan and add 1 tbsp oil and grease it. Then start adding little scoops of batter on the pan and spread it.
  4. Cook for 5 min from both the sides till it turns golden brown.
  5. Serve this recipe with  some mouth watering chutneys or ketchup.

Ragi laddu


These are high in protein and treated as energy bar for kids and a healthy meal for your snack time.

  1. In a pan add 1 tbsp of ghee and add 1 cup of ragi flour.
  2. Roast it for 5-7 mins on low flame. Then keep it aside.
  3. Now add ¼ cup of peanuts in another pan with some cashews and roast it
  4. Cool down and transfer it into a grinding jar and add ½ cup jaggery and some raisins.
  5. Grind coarsely and then add roasted ragi flour , blend for few seconds.
  6. Take the mixture out in a plate and add 1 tbsp of sesame seeds , mix them well. Add 3-5 tbsp of ghee to it.
  7. Mix them well and start preparing laddus.

Ragi is more of a rural food that hardly gets paramount in urban diet. But it’s time we renovate our eating habits, return to the fundamentals and include natural cereals like Ragi in our daily diet so as to possess healthy and disease free lives in the long run.

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