Look how science is progressing with all new innovative ideas to make life more sustainable which one could not have imagined before!! Chicken slaughter waste seems to be a feasible choice for supplying alternative fuels. Following the seven and a half years of study for his doctoral thesis, John Abraham, an associate professor at Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University in Wayanad, has acquired a government grant for biodiesel generation from rendered chicken oil. 

To scale up his invention, he has started producing biodiesel from chicken slay waste in a sample facility put up at the university’s School of Bioenergy and Farm Waste Management.

Matching the quality standards

The product was analyzed at BPCL’s Kochi refinery to make sure it met BIS standards, and the fuel is quite inexpensive, with a production cost of approximately Rs 35.68 per litre. 

John asserted that a veterinary university jeep had been going on the fuel for three months. In original diesel engines, the merchandise is presently merged at 50% with petro-diesel. 

“We are now preparing to begin commercial production, and numerous firms, including HPCL, have expressed interest in partnering with us,” says john. 

Biodiesel produced from chicken slaughter waste away has a greater cetane value of 72 than petro-diesel, which boosts diesel engine performance. This One also incorporates 11% oxygen by load, which end result in total combustion and shrunk engine emissions. 

In Kerala, nearly 5.3 lakh chickens are killed every day, causing in 350 tonnes of broiler slaughter waste. The trash is often thrown in isolated places or bodies of water, contaminating ground and surface water. 

Invention successful and rewarded

Agreeing to the standard mortality of the industrial average, an approximate 2.4 lakh tonnes of dead birds are accessible in India each year, which can be converted into 8,500 tonnes of biodiesel!  This would also assist with the trouble of inappropriate slaughter waste and dead bird dumping. 

John Abraham was recently awarded the ‘Atal India Challenge’ by Niti Ayog for his innovation!!

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