The horticulture segment currently accounts for about 30 per cent of the country’s Agriculture GDP and the Present scenario also shows how important the  horticulture is !  It’s time to think to spread the horticulture space with the use of well-equipped machinery.

Swaraj tractors a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group on Thursday launched CODE a tractor especially built and customised for farmers working in the field of horticulture and is trying to bring new solutions in the area of horticulture where currently there is not much mechanization. With the help of machines like CODE, “more land could be cultivated which could lead to the increase in income of farmers and can elevate horticulture produce”.

Swaraj tractor aids in mechanised horticuture farming

It’s a narrow and lightweight machine with 12hp petrol engine  specifically meant to fit through the narrow rows of  horticuture farms to allow farmers to carry out their  intercultural operations without fear of uprooting the vegetables and fruits

The scope of  horticulture can be increased by  using efficient and multipurpose machinery   which would aid farmers in decreasing the labour work.   The CODE by Swaraj tractors  is a specially crafted machine developed with deep consumer insights and capturing farmers’ needs in the horticulture space. “With the launch of CODE, we aim to provide easy access to affordable and innovative technology to the farming community,” CEO stated. 

All the  horticultural crops  are remunerative but labor intensive, in order to solve this issues, The ground clearance of the machine  can be increased as the crop grows in height thus reducing the dependency on manual operations like weeding etc. Currently there is enormous requirement of manual and animal labor in this segment, and the company’s product is a pioneering step towards bringing mechanization to this segment.

Hemant Sikka is President of the Farm Equipment Sector of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. “As  over the years  the India’s GDP percentage  is rising   due to horticulture so there is an urgent need to focus on this area for increased productivity.”

The company would be announcing the product price later this month,  CEO Chavan said. CODE will initially be launched through Swaraj dealerships in Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and will soon roll-out across other states in a phased manner

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