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What is colostrum?

First milk produced by mammary glands of mammals (including humans) after parturition, which often has a thick, sticky, red yellowish appearance.

Types of colostrum

  1. Human colostrum- it is produced by lactating mothers.
  2. Bovine colostrums- it is produced by cows and also available as colostrum supplement


 It contains high levels of carbohydrates, protein, fats. The amount of these substances will decrease with subsequent milking, except for lactose which is present in colostrum at a relatively low amount and will decrease over time. It also contains various growth factors and 70-80 % of immunoglobulins (antibody proteins that fight against disease).

Health benefits of colostrum

it is packed with amazing properties that protect and nourish your body

  • Boosts immunity- immune boosting effects of colostrum is due to its high concentration of antibodies which is 100 times higher than in cow’s milk which balances your immune system and protects your gastrointestinal system by nourishing the gut wall.
  • Anti-ageing – it helps to remove wrinkles, dark spots and nourishes your skin to the depth reducing all the fine lines, making it softer life infants also providing longevity.
  • Reduces inflammation- bovine supplements are often recommended to older people which helps to treat arthritis and relieves joint pain.
  • Fights off diseases- it increases the number of white blood cells in our body and removes the toxic substances from the gut.
  • Supports heart health- colostrums can help lower LDL cholesterol and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Healthy bones- lactoferrin is a protein found in colostrums which provides protective effect on bone mass.
  • Athletic performance- it supports healing and repair processes of all sports people during intense exercise, incorrect training or overuse. Colostrums supports the natural repair of tissues.


Colostrum reacts with your immune system therefore; consuming it in higher amounts may cause some allergic reactions. It is recommended to consume in smaller amounts i.e. ¼ teaspoon during initial days and can be gradually increased upto 1 teaspoon until the body gets used to it.

“No substitute for nature’s first food which is highly nutritious and fulfills all the requirements a new born must have”.


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