As a result of work-from-home option during Covid-19, a techie couple has taken up agriculture in the Daggavolu panchayat of Dakkili mandal and started reaping good profits as well as becoming role models for youth.      

Narisetty Pavan Kumar (35) of Tirupati and Revathi (32) of Srikalahasti work in Bengaluru in a private company as software engineers and earn a good salary. Pavan, who is interested in agriculture, bought 28 acres of land in Regadapalle village in 2018. 

At first, they raised lemon plantations. Tadepalligudem provided the couple with saplings of Taiwan guava, which is a long-gestation crop. In order to reap a good crop yield, they used modern cultivation methods. 

Their house was built in their fields so they could actively take part in agriculture. “Because of my personal interest in agriculture, we built a house in the fields.”. Every day, we work in the fields until 11 a.m. We then get back to work. During our leisure time, we monitor the field work. “We have taken training at the National Institute for Plant Health Management in Hyderabad on modern techniques of cultivation and bio-fertilizer use,” said Pavan. 

In the past, the couple approached the Horticulture Department for the best crop management practices. 

About 30 to 40 workers from Sydapuram mandal work in their guava plantations. In their first harvest, the couple reaped 35-40 tonnes of guava fruit, which brought them an income of Rs 8 lakh. 

Venkatagiri Horticulture Officer Anand said that fruit traders from Gudur, Sullurpeta, Naidupeta and other parts of the district are directly approaching the couple to purchase guava from the fields.


More than 60% of Taiwan guava fruit sold in Gudur revenue division comes from the fields of the techie couple. 

As part of our special package, we offer about 800 kilos of Taiwan guava daily to local vendors. For guava, we are charged anywhere between 25 and 30 rupees per kilogram. We expect a fruit yield of 20 tonnes more by September, said Pavan. Currently, Revathi is developing a platform to enable online trading of Taiwan guava.

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