After Bharat Ratna and Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan is considered as a very precious award in India. After the publication of 2nd January 1954 the three tier or class system of Padma Vibhushan was replaced with Padma Bhushan and followed by Padma shri. Every year in between September awardees are nominated and this year was very special and close to heart for the whole agriculture system as this year the award winner was the king of crop protection respected Shri Rajnikant Devidas Shroff the honorable chairman of UPL Ltd.

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This award is given to the citizen of India with remarkable service, it could be in different sectors of public or private. Raju Bhai is awarded with this prestigious award for his benchmark work in the field of Trade and Industry as a recognition for his contribution in the agriculture sector.


Since ages rodents and pests are the reason for crop failure. No way to save crops from these dangerous evils, Raju Bhai found his way to help farmers by producing rodenticide and fumigants. Fumigants are poisonous fumes which kill pests and rodents. Rodenticides are the chemicals used for killing rats and rodent pests. Chemicals like Aluminum Phosphide for fumigants and Zinc phosphide for Rodenticides were used. These researches resulted in world wide success. Protection of crops was ensured. Thus Raju bhai was entitled  to be the crop protection king.


Raju bhai  was born in the family of an entrepreneur in a small village of Kutch, India. Following his love of Chemistry he graduated in  chemistry from University of Bombay.

He established a novel process of manufacturing mercury salts in a plant in Britain. Paid royalty by a British company in 1957, this was a very huge achievement for any Indian. Soon after, he mastered red phosphorus manufacturing in 1961, giving an impetus to the indigenous organic chemicals industry and quickly moved on to the production of other chemicals. For agriculture. In 1969 UPL a multinational company was settled  in Mumbai Maharashtra manufactures Agro-chemicals and Industrial chemicals. UPL started launching an avalanche of crop protection products and is one of the leading total crop solution providers in the world now.

Motivated to make a real difference, Raju Bhai believes that the prosperity of his company must be shared with not just the stakeholders, but the society at large, too. His whole – hearted support encourages one and all UPL to contribute to various social activities and actively work towards betterment of the lives of the people!

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