” Future of farming is under solar panels, where it solar farms found another niche – Agrivoltaics It is a unique and sustainable idea for both environment agribusiness and society“.

How Agrivoltaics will transforms traditional farming?

Traditional farming in India is very risky business farmer has to face heavy losses if there is not the right amount of sun, rain or other environmental factors above that situation get much more worsens in case of extreme climate events like cyclones, drought or hailstorm. Thus, not to worry about all these odds and still get surplus income generation is the need of the hour and can uplift farmers economic status. Therefore, the world has found its edge-cutting technology called Agrivoltaics.

Solar panels and crops grown parallels in GIPCL amral plant (Credit:NSEFI)
Aerial view of GIPCL Amral plant Agrivoltaic field(Credit:NSEFI)

Agrivoltaic:The future of symbiotic farming ?

The term “Agrivoltaics” was first used by Christophe Dupraz. It is means Agri Related to food production and VoltaicsRelated to electricity production by PV cells. Water and energy is the fuel of agriculture and to optimize it many technologies comes and passes away .Now this technology symbiotically fulfils all the promises that it made. In this technology solar panels are placed on the same land where crops are grown allow farmers to harvest the energy and food.

How actually does it works?

Plant have limited efficiency to utilize solar power beyond that it does not increase photosynthesis. Sometimes it proved to be bad by making plants more thirsty. In Agrivoltaics solar panels are arranged in such way that only right amount of sun reaches plant and extra can be converted into electricity.

Benefits of Agrivoltaics?

Firstly, this technology cross-benefitted both plant and panels, for example plants keeps the panels cooler and in return panels keeps soil moisture intact by providing partial shade. Secondly, It reduce irrigation frequency and cost of shading. Thirdly, and most importantly the generated electricity can be used to farm machinery, motor pump, light and etc. Later on surplus energy can be stored in battery and sell it to community household. It is famously known as “Solar sharing” in Japan.

Future perspective for India

As explained above, farmers should adopt this technology because it guaranteed an increase in income and stress-free life. Of course, it still needs some development and optimization. Finally in the era of clean energy and organic food Agrivoltaics can be a splendid idea in it’s true sense .


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