Amarjeet at her farm portraying woman power.

The Northern part of India is always recognized as the food bowl of India. Since the Green revolution , we have been dependent on states like Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh etc. for our staple diet. They have lifted up Indian agriculture to different levels. Here is the story of such an independent woman from Adhoi village. Amarjeet who lives in Adhoi village is a 32 year old graduate farmer. She is a progressive farmer in her village. Her primary occupation is farming beside that she is a content creator on YouTube channel. In that she shares her achievements and knowledge about farming.


Generally females from our society have peer pressure to have 9-5 corporate jobs and get married at the right age. Many of the girls still struggle for education, for them jobs are far better thoughts . But Amarjeet jumped out of the box and proved women can fit into any job profile. If she can feed others then she can also be the producer. Moving back into 2007 she was a helper in her fathers field until a major accident changed her life, her father became paralyzed and she took over complete control on their 8.5 acres of land for farming. Uptill now she has 13 years of experience in farming. 


As mentioned earlier she has 3.4 hectares of land with a proper irrigation facility. She has all modern technologies to reduce labour charge and time consumption. Counting from Submersible tube well, Tractor, M.B. plough, Disc Harrow, Happy seeder, DSR etc. To fulfill the need of fertilizers and daily milk and dairy consumption she has a dairy farm with two healthy buffaloes.


She mainly follows three cropping pattern that are 

  • Rice-wheat-Moong 
  • Sugarcane-onion-Ratoon
  • Potato-Onion-fodder.

To enhance her farming pattern she is using new technologies which includes Soil testing, Resource Conservation technologies and most importantly using better quality hybrid seeds for her crops.

Mainly crops are attacked by pests before or during flowering season which badly affects the produce. After a pest attack it has a very high expense to control it where mostly farmers lose their chance of good profits. Amarjeet believes in precaution is better than cure and uses treated seeds with biofertilizers and pesticides. This step reduces her future expenses.

She further reduced her expenses by using leftovers from her dairy. Vermicompost also known as black gold keeps her land healthy and productive.


Every successful human has their own mentor or guide. In India there is a group of extension workers which basically works for farmers. They help farmers in gaining advanced knowledge about farming, new research and schemes. In her case also the credit goes to extension functionaries of the agriculture department. Credit also goes to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ambala. After the motivation and encouragement she took her farming occupation to Agri-business. She improved her technologies and started earning a decent amount of 6.5 lakhs annually.


Amarjeet is not only famous in her village Adhoi she is also well recognized in different district level awards.Hon’ble Ministers, Hon”ble MLA, Aseem Goel, Agriculture Department, Krishi Vigyan Kendrea,Ambala,Rotary Club and Prayas Seva Sansthan, Barara etc.


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