Since the dawn of the century, world development has been a global priority. It is very easy to see why human development is becoming main focus and topic of discussion.  Agriculture plays crucial as well as unmatched contribution to the global economy. More than 22 million people are directly or indirectly are employed in this field. Agriculture is considered as one of 12 most important jobs in the world. As the world’s population is about to touch 8 billions the demand of agricultural sector as well as other sector, which contributes towards the overall development is also drastically increasing.

Deciphering the reason of stress and its related complexities:

In this progressive era, arises modern problem which requires progressive and modern solutions. With the increasing workload on the human workforce, people often experiences stress. According to 2014 U.S. stress statistics 77 percent people regularly experience stress. The relationship between stress and health issues is known for years. Stress seems to have increased the risk of conditions like obesity, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease & asthma problems.

The world is leading towards the path of development and as a result responsibilities on the shoulders of the workforces are ever increasing. As a result of developmental responsibilities come stress and its related diseases. Agribusiness plays vital just as unrivaled commitment to the worldwide economy. In excess of 22 million individuals are legitimately or in a roundabout way are utilized in this field. Farming is considered as one of 12 most significant employments on the planet. Presently, agriculture is the pioneer of world advancement has the vital task to carry out in flooding up the quality food.

A Statistical round-up on stress:
Statistic Verification
Source: American Psychological Association
Research Date: 2017
U.S. Stress Stats.Data (in %)
  People who regularly experience physical stress  77%    
  Regular psychological stress  73%
  Feel they’re living with extreme stress  33%
  Feel like increased stress in last 5 years  48%
  Cited money and work as the prime stress reasons  76%
  Change in appetite as stress reason    23%
The detailed data on stress and related complexities
Good food leads to Good Life:

Agriculture also brings artistic approach along with it as development of agriculture is based on new human innovation and creativity excelling at all levels. To increase consumer demand the workforce has enhanced nutritional value of crops regarding health, nutrition & convenience. Crops with nutraceutical value are a huge commercial success across the world. A nutraceutical is defined as the substance that is a food or a part of food which provides health benefits (e.g. blackwheat). A nutraceutical value added product can be developed with high protein content, coloring of food and also with anthocyanin content.

Anthocyanins have extracted the interest of number of researchers. The research of this can work wonders as the highest anthocyanin levels can act as antioxidants and help in prevention of regular health problems. Anthocyanins are normal constituents in colored veggies and fruits.

Food can help tame stress in several ways. Healthy food can cut levels of Cortisol and adrenaline, stress hormones that take a toll on the body over time. Anthocyanins provides health benefits as it acts as an anti-oxidant and removes free radicals from the body which helps in prevention of diabetes, cancer & cardiac diseases. This research could work wonders as our staple diet like wheat could give all the health benefits and surprisingly with no change in taste and color of its subsidiary products.

Sustainable agricultural covers all levels of farming and processing technologies, from simple and basic hand tools to more advanced machinery and its related equipment. Changing food habits and nutritional balanced diet can help in reduction of stress related problems. Cereals play an important role among all the other food items for a healthy and balanced diet. Among cereals, wheat is the leading, consecrated to multiple uses such as bread, biscuits & noodles. Wheat is considered as the staple food of the world as it is a good source of starch, proteins, minerals & dietary fibers. Wheat contributes immensely towards daily caloric requirements of wheat consuming population.


In home grown medication, anthocyanin-rich substances have been utilized to treat various conditions including vein wellbeing, including incessant venous inadequacy, hypertension, and diabetic retinopathy. They have additionally been utilized to treat various different conditions, including colds and urinary tract contaminations. Late research suggests that anthocyanins can help in decreasing significant medical issues, including coronary illness and disease. There is incredible capability of future use of these advanced crops for solid item advancement and business use. It would be brilliant if our staple eating regimen like wheat could give all the advantages of normal cancer prevention agents with no adjustment in taste.


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