Khatthiwada gained popularity and importance for Noorjahan mangoes. Noorjahan, a mango variety of Madhya Pradesh costs Rs.500 to Rs.1500 per piece based on the weight of the mango. It is named after the Mughal queen.

It is of Afghan origin and being cultivated in the Katthiwada region of Alirajpur district, Madhya Pradesh. Alirajpur is approximately 250km from Indore and adjacent to the Gujarat border. The climatic conditions of this region are suitable for growing this variety and aids in harvesting better yields. This variety starts flowering in January-February month and can reap the harvest at the beginning of June.

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According to the cultivator, Mr. Shivraj Singh Jadav, A total of three mango trees can harvest nearly 250 mangoes and price up to Rs.500 to Rs.1500 per piece and weights nearly 2Kg to 3.5Kg and it takes less than five years to produce the fruit.

The mangoes can grow up to a foot long i.e., around 11 inches, weights up to 5kg and its kernel weighs about 150 to 200grams. This variety has impressive size, delicious taste and is eye-catching due to the saffron colour of the pulp colour.

The net returns are quite worthy and add farm income. Now, it is becoming a demand-driven variety and being booked for three months.   

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