World is moving to a more sustainable system. Every aspect of life is rechecked. Increasing health problems is also creating tensions. Meat production, over fishing, and meat related waste etc. are making huge negative impact to our balanced ecosystem. Increased meat production, over fishing and poultry waste is already making a negative impact on the ecosystem. Consolidating all this, a need for good, sustainable, healthy diet is becoming a necessity.
Carbohydrates, fat and meat intake has to be reduced. All are seeking for better alternatives which could satisfy taste, smell and texture needs. Sugar has been replaced by other healthy sweeteners. Less fat containing food has already set its rank in market. Non-vegetarian’s demands remain unfulfilled

What is Plant-based meat ?

Plant-based meat are those that mimic meat products but are made from plants. Commonly used plant-based meats include legumes, such as soybeans or lentils, grains like quinoa, vegetable proteins like peas, coconut oil, and vital wheat gluten.

Innovative move by a food tech company

Recently Alfred’s food tech company introduced a novel platform for producing plant based whole cuts. They have developed a new platform for whole cut texturization.

The main hurdles in producing plant based alternatives was the huge list of ingredients, additives and related processes which could make them cost high .The company has put up a benchmark by crossing
these obstacles. Alfred food tech produces products in a reasonable price so that a normal person can afford it. The company has successfully produced prototypes of deli meat, high-in-demand chicken nugget analog. Technologies like extrusion ,3D printing are used to bind ingredients into desired fibrous forms. Advanced fermentation and other technologies are also used for this extensively.

Imagine Meat

In India a company was recently launched by the popular star couple Rithesh Deshmukh and Genelia. ’Imagine meat’ launched by Shah Rukh Khan is first of its kind in India. Mutton keema, nuggets like plant based alternatives are some of the varieties .A country with variety of meat dishes starting from Chicken tikka to Hyderabadi biriyani such ventures will give a chance for vegetarians to explore new dishes

On a broader perspective innovations like this could definitely make a difference and make the world healthy and sustainable

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