Looking for something which can make your living room expensive, elegant and fragrant. Let me introduce you to potpourris. Potpourri is a French word meaning a mixture of dried, sweet-scented plant parts like flowers, leaves, seeds, etc.

Potpourris are actually a product of dry flowers. It is famous in Europe. Potpourris are known for their luxurious look and sweet aroma. The scent is not the inherent character of the flowers but is an added feature and the most preferred one is the lemon or orange one. A potpourri can refresh its surroundings and will last long. The smell can be replenished once it is completely used up. You can suit your smell while choosing a potpourri. It can also be changed if you feel like switching to another flavour.

Not all flowers can suit a potpourri’s standard. Flowers that can be dried completely can only be used in these attractive pots. Colour is not a standard. Leaves, stem, seeds as well as flowers that can be subjected to drying and give us a satisfactory dried product can be used here. It can be fragrant or odourless. The elements should be attractive, distinct and unique.

They are a long-term bibelot to your home. Once placed they will fill up your surroundings with a pleasant aroma that will revive your mind and soul.

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