A good quality chutney should be palatable and appetizing .Mango chutney is an important food product exported from India to many countries . Apple and Apricot chutneys are also very popular in the country as well .

The method of preparation of chutney is similar to that of jam except that spices, vinegar and salts are added . The fruits/vegetables are peeled, sliced, or grated, or cut into smaller pieces and cooked in water until they become sufficiently soft . The quality of the chutney depends to a large extent on its cooking which should be for a long time at a temperature below the boiling point . To ensure thickening cooking is done without a lid .

Recipe for chutney :

Mango slices or shreds 1kg, sugar or jaggery 1 kg, salt 45g, onions (chopped) 50g, garlic (chopped) 15g, red chilli powder 10g, black pepper, cardamom (large), cinnamon, cumin, aniseed (powered), 10g each clove (headless) 5 numbers, vinegar 170 ml


Processing of sweet mango chutney

  1. Wash it or peel it off.
  2. Slice it accordingly.
  3. Cook it with little water to make it highly soft .
  4. Mixing it with sugar and salt and leave it for an hour.
  5. Keep all ingredients (except vinegar) in a cloth bag, tie it loosely, put it in mixture and cook it on low flame.
  6. Press spice bag occasionally while cooking.
  7. Cook it till consistency is seen as jam (upto150 degree Celsius) with occasional stirring.
  8. Remove spice bag after squeezing.
  9. Add vinegar .
  10. Cook it for 2-5 min.
  11. Fill it into hot and dried sterilized bottle.
  12. Seal it airtight.
  13. Store at ambient temperature in cool and dry place.

And the nutritious mango chutney is ready to eat now without any preservatives and it is quite healthy with good nutrition one can prepare this recipe without any hustle and its quite delicious and can be prepared in short span of time and is very healthy to eat .

So try it out now!


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