Mushrooms are simple form of plant life which lack chlorophyll and hence cannot produce their own food . They depend upon other living or dead plants and organic matter. Mushrooms are a rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Their low content of carbohydrate and fat makes them ideal food for diabetics and person who wish to shed excess fats. They also have good source of energy, about 454g of fresh mushrooms providing 120K-calories.Most of the edible varieties of mushroom belongs to the family Agaricaceae of the class Basidiomycetes.


Button mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus, Agaricus campestris)

Oyster mushroom,dhingree(Pleurotus sajarcaju, P.columbinus)

Paddy straw mushroom (Volvariella vohacea)

Mushroom Pickle Recipe

Mushrooms 1kg, salt 100g, vinegar 100ml, red chilli powder 5g, turmeric powder 10g, coriander powder 15g, fenugreek powder 2g, black pepper powder 2gm, cinnamon powder 1gm, clove(headless) 5 numbers, garlic paste 20g, onion chopped 100g, tamarind paste 50g, and mustard oil 350ml.

Firstly sort the mushrooms, wash it , trim it, then fry with spices with little oil (except salt and vinegar) till mushroom become almost dry, cool it for sometime and then add some salt and vinegar after that fill it in a airtight glass jar, seal it and store it at ambient temperature.

Pickling and sun-drying are economically viable methods of preserving mushrooms. However, they can be commercially used for export market . So try and make this super delicious mushroom pickle .

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