In June alone, 1,20,437 tractors were sold, indicating that mechanization in the agriculture sector is increasing.

Currently, the biggest question is whether it’s possible to double farm income by 2022. However, one thing is certain: agriculture is headed in the right direction. As a result of farmers’ hard work, scientists’ efforts, and government programs, the picture of agriculture in the country is changing. Ground-level effects are also noticeable. Within the first seven months of this year, tractor sales have broken every previous record. The number of tractors sold once a year matches the number of sales. The Tractor Manufacturers Association (TMA) reports that 5,99,993 tractors have been sold to date. There was about 2 lakh more this year than last year.

According to agriculture experts, the rise in the agricultural sector is a major reason for this. The sale of tractors indicates a positive feeling in the agricultural sector. Tractor purchases have increased because more people have access to money in the villages or are able to repay their loans. Dr Ashok Dalwai, President of Doubling Farmers Income Committee, says tractor sales in any country are a sign the agricultural sector is flourishing and farmers are happy

What is the reason for the increased purchase of tractors?

MJ Khan, chairman of the Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture, says, “During the Corona period, people transferred money from cities to villages.”. In the banking industry, they have a good reputation. People who have moved from cities to villages have invested at least 25 percent of their earnings in agriculture. A tractor is essential for farming. As a result, its purchase has increased. In addition, the government is giving agriculture funding quite liberally. The agriculture sector experienced positive growth during the Covid period, so many people invested in it. Agriculture is attracting more investment. Thereforetractor sales have increased significantly.s.

What year was the sale of tractors

Source: TMA

What does a tractor do for a farmer?

  • Grass cutting in the fields becomes much easier with a compact utility tractor. Whether you need to mow your front lawn, a pasture or paddock, or a large area of land, a compact tractor will help you complete these tasks more quickly and efficiently. The job will be even easier and smoother if you use a utility tractor with a flail mower. Additionally, you can mow rough spots and patches easily and leave your lawn both smooth and tidy with the help of a compact tractor.
  • With Solis utility tractors, moving the toughest of fields will no longer be a problem. You can move items with ease using the front loader on your Solis tractor. Thanks to the tractor’s powerful hydraulic system, the front loader can pick up, lift and move all kinds of materials. There are different lifting capacities available in Solis compact tractors depending on the model you select
  •  Hole-digging is a much faster and easier way to maintain a property. With the backhoe attachment, you can dig out pits, ditches and trenches effectively while saving lots of time. Whether you’re building a fence or planting a tree, your utility tractor can help you dig the right size hole.
  • With the Solis compact tractor and the efficient snowblower, winter will be a lot more bearable. By mounting the implement to your compact utility tractor, you can clear snow from your yards, pathways, driveways, and more while sitting comfortably in the spacious cab of your Solis agriculture tractor for sale.
  • In addition to haying and feeding livestock, the utility tractor can also be used for other agricultural tasks. Based on the model and power of your tractor, you can run multiple applications such as lawn care, landscaping, snow removal, livestock maintenance, food plots, etc.

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