With summer around the corner, it’s time to prepare yourself to embrace the season. Water is an important element of our lives, but when it comes to this season of the year, just water can’t satisfy you. We need something energising, cool, refreshing drinks.

For us, Indians it is the all-time favourite buttermilk or my personal favourite the lemonade. These are not the only summer drinks we have. Aam Panna, coconut water, sugarcane juice, lassi, watermelon juice are also added to the list. Fresh fruit juices are the best whether it’s summer or not. Drinks titled detox drinks are the stars among the health drinks right now.

Beating the summer heat hits different. Standing out from the soft drinks which alleviate the thirst, summer drinks works the opposite way. Summer drinks will not heat up your body as soft drinks do, rather they cool our body and relaxes our mind.

Adding food flavours like jeera, green chillies and leaves like mint, curry leaves and coriander to buttermilk not only makes it tasty but also adds to its refreshment ability. We can add mint leaves to lemonade too and sugar and salt as your taste. Mint leaves are an all-rounder and blend with any flavour.

Again, flavours are a personal preference of individuals and they differ from person to person. So, suit your taste, stay away from heatwaves, drink away your summer blues with these refreshing buddies.

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