Sustainable Agriculture has somehow dominated the understanding of the sociological world largely. Agriculture often puts pressure on our natural resources and the environment as a whole. It’s high time we take necessary steps to maintain a balance so as to make the planet livable for us as well as the future generations.

Sustainable Agriculture

It mainly consists of environment- friendly techniques and practices that allow the production of crops without causing any damage to us and also without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Furthermore the main concept or the idea of sustainability solely depends on the stewardship of natural or individual resources of the world.

Objectives Of Sustainable Agriculture

  1. Make best use of the available resources
  2. Produce high quality and safe food; without harming the environment.
  3. Sustainable Agriculture protects and enhances the environment and natural resources.
  4. Minimizing the use of non- renewable resources.
  5. Prove economical to the farmer.

3 Main Goals Of Sustainable Agriculture

The practice of sustainable agriculture integrates 3 major goals :
1. Environmental Health
2. Economic Profitability
3. Social Equity. These 3 goals are ultimate and achieving them is high on priority as days pass and we come closer to the future.

Population Growth And Its Effects:

Population growth rate is the key variable that effects the demand ; therefore understanding the population worldwide would help us in further agricultural practices. Moreover, the population growth has risen; and the urbanization has led to a drastic dietary change in the population; demographics have changed. Moreover; understanding it will help in judging future demand for food.

Benefits Of Sustainable Agriculture

  1. It prevents pollution
  2. Improves Soil Health; reduces soil erosion.
  3. Helps in Maintaining Biodiversity
  4. Increases profits of the farmers economically.
  5. Additionally; contributes to environmental conservation
  6. Will helps in overcoming both central and global challenges.

Methods Of Sustainable Agriculture

There are a variety of methods and sustainable agricultural practices. The most popular ones among them are: crop rotation, intercropping, permaculture, cover crops, mulching, soil enrichment practices, bio- intensive integrated pest management, agroforestry, biodynamic farming are some such methods that are actually beneficial and yield results.


Social, economic and environmental sustainability; these 3 components are closely interrelated and are the absolutely essential components for an absolutely sustainable agriculture. Therefore; more such policies should be made and implemented by the government so as to ensure a safe present and a protected environment for the future generations as well.

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