The soil is the ‘living, breathing skin of our planet. It is the basis of food production and numerous functions that support life on earth. Hence soil health is the basis of our food systems as it enhances biodiversity. It increases food and nutrition security. It is critical to climate change mitigation because it contributes to ecosystem restoration.

But soil health today is already at risk. Over one third earth surface is already degraded. Accelerated erosion has resulted in topsoil loss. Destructive farming is resulting in depletion of soil organic carbon stocks. Consequently, leading to the loss of agriculture production and use efficiency of inputs. Degraded agricultural soil impacts around 3.2 billion people. So, time to act is now.

What does coalition of action for soil health mean

Healthy soil is critical for achieving the SDGs and building resilience. Objective of the CA4SH is to establish multi-stakeholder action from farmers and technicians from researchers to CEOs. In other words, it will provide all the key stakeholders an opportunity to support the investment and policy change needed to facilitate the adoption and scaling of practices to improve soil health.

This coalition of companies accelerates the positive incentives and investments for soil health through science-based actions. The investments from public and market based private sector will accelerate the outcomes for economic returns and growth. Also, it will enhance the soil productivity, improve rural livelihoods, climate, and nature.

What are coalition’s actions

Coalition’s actions will include various initiatives. For instance, promoting the current knowledge and method based research and development for restoring the soil health, work with farmers and private sector to design economic incentives, engage in public-private sector policy dialogue, coordinate with many ongoing science-based initiatives., promote regional and national soil health policies, enhance public private partnerships, develop sustainable financing mechanisms, incresing the innovation and access to resource and technolgy.

Why a coalition of action

Despite of existence of various soil-focused initiatives and platforms farmers and land managers face critical economic, structural and technical capacity barriers to adopt and scaling healthy soil practices. Soil health ensures the level of productivity and improves the livelihoods of farmers. However, we do not pay attention to it.

Enhancement of collaboration amongst the actors working on soil health issue will lead to increasing investment action and support from those interested in food and nutrition security.

Build a coalition of action for soil health to transform our food systems for people and nature.

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