Honey is the only food that will not get spoiled with time. Being said that, honey doesn’t require any processing to extend its shelf-life. It tastes the same everywhere. What if we can add some flavours to the usual honey? Interesting right?

Honey is considered as a healthier alternative for sugar. Often hailed for its weight reducing capacity, we all try to include honey in our diet. It doesn’t match well with some tastes, like with coffee for me. But there are many other flavours which can take honey’s value to the next level.

Cinnamon honey, pepper honey, eucalyptus honey and wild flower honey will be familiar to you. Let me introduce to a new array of flavours. For example jackfruit honey, ginger honey, pineapple honey, strawberry honey and apple honey. These are just added flavours. What about honey infused products? Honey infused ash gourd, gooseberry jackfruit and pineapple are among them. Still raw honey dominates all these newcomers.

We all have different palate. Some may dislike the taste of raw honey. This is a golden opportunity for such people to fall in love with honey. Because it will be available in your favourite flavour!

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