Veganism Or Being A Vegan : What does it mean?

Veganism is the practice or habit of refraining from the consumption of animal products. To be specific a person following a vegan diet abstains from consuming meat, dairy products, eggs and honey. Vegan food products never contain any kind of by-product’s of animal agriculture ; for example lard or gelatin.

Which food can be specifically counted in the vegan category?

There is an extensively large variety of vegan food products or simply foods available in the market. Some of the main food products among them are:

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruits & Different Kinds Of Berries.
  3. Grains such as rice, wheat etc.
  4. Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Nut Milk- Among a variety of vegan milks
  5. Nuts; Bread, Cheese , tofu, tempeh etc.
Benefits Of A Vegan Diet
  1. It is well known that vegan foods are rich in the essential nutrients required by the body.
  2. It somehow reduces the risk of certain life threatening diseases such as cancer.
  3. Vegan food has a quality of enhancing or boosting the mood of people.
  4. As Vegan foods have low calories than others; they are considered to be beneficial for weight loss.
  5. As per certain research reports; vegan food is good for skin; as well as the mind and bodily functions.
  6. Apart from being beneficial for our personal health; eating vegan is considered healthy for the environment and the entire planet.
Challenges To A Vegan Lifestyle & Diet

Although veganism has a lot of positive impact and benefits; their are various negative and serious impacts of this kind of lifestyle on human health. Among various; some of the main impacts and effects are as follows:

  1. It is known that vegans are at a risk of a serious vitamin – B12 deficiency; which; incase left unattended or neglected can lead to serious neurological disorders.
  2. Vegan diet is one that cannot completely suit everyone’s needs. It can prove to be unsustainable for a lot of people.
  3. Iron and micronutrient deficiencies are also observed in people following vegan diets i.e. if they do not substitute their daily food with vegan products of same nutritive value.
  4. Preparing such food in adequate quantity and their consumption can be difficult for people ; as most people are not well aware of what is actually required in their diet.
  5. Although nowadays; vegan restaurants and dine outside have opened in various locations; but the concept of veganism is still unknown to a large portion of the society which makes it even more difficult for a person to follow this diet.
Personal Opinion

Veganism is not an entirely new concept; but it still remains unknown to a lot of people in our society. Many among us may be aware of the concept of veganism but may not be well acquainted with its planning and working. Moreover people nowadays get easily influenced by others to follow such a diet; but not having proper knowledge about a diet plan can prove to harmful for the people. Therefore; if anyone wants to follow such a diet plan & lifestyle ; they must gain knowledge about it or seek help from nutritionists. This is to ensure that our body gets all round benefits that it needs.

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