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Vegetable production or farming provides employment to many unemployed youths to make a business which gives a promising economic opportunity for reducing rural poverty in developing countries like India and it is a key component of farm for increasing profits. Through Vegetable farming, farmers can earn income throughout the year and it not only benefit big farmers but also many marginal farmers and small farmers. Vegetables provide essential vitamins, Minerals and necessary proteins to our body, vegetables are needed in our daily diet as recommendation we require 300gm per day. But availability of vegetables per day per person is less though India stands 2nd in place of vegetable production around the world. We require to increase diversification in cropping pattern through which many rural people can benefit through this type of farming.


In Jammu and Kashmir it has recorded 9% increase in the production of fruits and vegetables during the past three years. Data exposes that 1,226 tonnes of vegetables were produced in Jammu and Kashmir during 2017-18 and in next year 2019-20 vegetable production was increased to 1,337 tonnes.

In South Kashmir a small village Wanigud of Kulgam district, now emerged as a bulk vegetable producer. In this village around 50 acres of land is utilized for growing various kinds of vegetables comprising of cucumber, cauliflower, radish, turnip etc. After consumption in village and within Jammu and Kashmir it exports the left over vegetables to other parts of the country.

Many villagers and farmers have made a great effort in the production of vegetables over the years which has led to increasing production to 9% over the years. As a result of this the per capita income of the people allied with farming has also improved.

Farmers here add rich organic manure like vermicompost and Farm yard manure to their field, through this also production of crops has increased and hence market demand has also increased in the village. In the village every family members are engaged in farming activities.

In recent Interview to Kashmir Local news Chief Agriculture Officer of Kulgam district, Farooq Ahamd said that the village is producing more than 3000 kgs of vegetables per day and entire village is engaged in vegetable cultivation.


As there is a great demand for commodities which are perishable in nature like vegetables most farmers around urban and semi-urban areas are interested for making the commercial production of vegetables. With increasing demand in urban for vegetables many rural youths are determined and are interested to work in the field despite they have government jobs and many quitted their jobs and they are cultivating vegetables and they have realized that agriculture has more demand now and in upcoming future. To help farmers overcome the challenges in vegetable farming, the government should support farmers with good extension programs with help of KVK which aims at increasing production. After production like 3000 kg per day they require a systematic market management through which they can sell their commodities with better price.

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