One of the rising problems of the modern world is how will it feed the increasing population that is estimated to reach a staggering 9 Billion until 2040. Food security and hunger has been always a concern for not only the developing countries but also for the developed ones. There have been steps taken by these countries at their respective national levels but however there was always a need for a strong action plan at the international level too. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) under the United Nations has time and again raised the issue on multiple stages. In wake of this, the BRICS nation (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have come closer towards fulfilling the same objective by strengthening the agro-biodiversity of their regions.

This issue was raised and discussed in a virtual event that was held on August 12-13 by the working group of agriculture which consists of the top agriculture officials from the BRICS nations. According to the delivered official statement, The group stressed on having closer ties in strengthening cooperation and research in the field of agriculture. The group shared in the meeting that the United Nations has noted BRICS countries are well positioned to take a leading role in achieving the SDG objectives 2030 to eradicate poverty and hunger.

The strong agricultural research base in the BRICS nations and the need to harness and share knowledge, facilitate transfer of technologies from lab to land to provide improved solutions for enhanced productivity, especially in the face of climate change, maintaining agro biodiversity and ensuring sustainable use of natural resources were acknowledged in the meeting.

India has built the BRICS Agriculture Research Platform to accelerate and promote cooperation in the areas of agricultural research, extension, technology transfer, training and capacity building. This step was taken to facilitate cooperation amongst the nations in terms of research cooperation for improving the use and application of agricultural technologies so that the needs of producers and processers are met.

A joint declaration of the 11th meeting of BRICS and action plan for the year 2021-24 for agricultural cooperation of BRICS countries and BRICS agriculture research platform were discussed in the two day event. The BRICS Working Group meeting will endorse the Action Plan of 2021-24 for adoption in the BRICS meeting.


This has come at a time when the world is suffering from Covid-19 pandemic and many people have lost jobs and are struggling for their livelihood. This has increased the already existing concerns regarding food security and global hunger. The timing couldn’t have been better and the implementation of the action plan will be the key as usually policies have faced issues while implementing on the ground level. More such initiatives must be taken to address this issue and ensure better and safe living standards for people across the globe.


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