We rely a lot on trees. Let it be for food or any other utility. But, for a majority of them, only one part of the plant is utilized, the rest of the parts becomes a part of a growth cycle. This is not the case when it comes to coconut. In coconut, the whole tree is valuable

Unlike other fruit yielding trees, coconut displays an array of products other than the fruit. From coconut fruit alone we can get tender coconut water, tender coconut meat, copra, coconut shreds, coconut milk and coconut oil. Even the husk can be converted into coir and its products


Coconut oil: virgin coconut oil is in great demand in the market. Coconut oil has already found its place in the cosmetics industry with its amazing ability to condition hair. Coconut oil has its own health benefits when consumed. Switch your regular cooking oil with this one and find the drop in those hospital bills.

Copra: Being the pre-cursor of coconut oil, copra or the dried coconut has its own charm when it comes to market demand.

Coconut meat and milk: the secret behind every scrumptious Kerala dish is this superstar, the coconut meat and milk. You can definitely find this master ingredient in every Keralite’s kitchen.

Tender coconut: Tender coconut water is filled with energising components that it is often recommended to patients with weakness. Even on a hot sunny day consuming the water from a single tender coconut can do wonders for our body.

Coir: the most popular among all these is the coir. It can be woven into ropes or can be converted into doormats. The highlight of this product is that it is biodegradable and environment-friendly. It also adds extra income.

Besides all these wonderful products there are more uses when it comes to coconut. For instance, coconut fronds are often used for thatched roofs. The coconut shells are used in the kitchen as serving spoons and they are also used to make beautiful artefacts.

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