The agricultural sector is one of the most important sectors contributing to India’s Economy. Over the years, the government of India has taken many steps to aid and enhance the agriculture sector. The recent evolution of digital technology to support agriculture and its practices is also one such major step taken.

Digital technologies such as artificial learning, remote sensing, big data, and blockchain are transforming agriculture and its operations.

Applications of Digital Agriculture
  1. Technology based techniques such as remote sensing, market insights, soil sensors, etc. helps farmers in gathering, visualizing, and assessing the crop and soil health conditions.
  2. Artificial Intelligence provides real time insights thus helping farmers to improve crop yield, crop pests, and reducing their workload.
  3. Blockchain Technology provides accurate data about farms. They also reduce farmer’s need to store important data as hard copies.
Benefits of Digital Agriculture
  1. Increased agricultural productivity and low production cost
  2. Inhibits degradation of Soil
  3. Provides Real time and quick solutions to farmers
  4. Lessens chemicals used in the production of crops
  5. Uplifts the socio-economic status of farmers
Measures to be Implemented for Success of Digital Agriculture

The main factor behind the success of Digital Agriculture in India is the limited penetration of mechanization tools and natural calamities such as drought, rains, floods, etc. which negatively impact the deployment of digital agricultural solutions.

The measures that should be implemented for the Success of Digital Marketing are:

Low cost technology

The average income of a farmer in India is not much. This explains the financial crisis that he might have to face if opting for high cost technology. Therefore if the cost of technology is low, farmers will enjoy maximum benefits from it.

Portable hardware

In India, the practice of renting an area for one particular season is very common. After that, the farmer switches to other areas, next season. So portable hardware will be a great help for them.

Renting platforms

Constrained financial resources along with small farm areas own opportunities for equipment sharing and renting instead of purchasing them.

Academic Support

Training facilities along with expert guidance will improve and enhance the adoption of digital agriculture among farmers.

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