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Action indeed speaks more than words. Felicitation of Padma Shri awardee, Manjamma Jogathi has created a landmark in the history of Indian stating through its action that the country is irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion. She started her career as a runaway begger to a renowned practitioner of Jogati Nritya. She enjoyed her childhood as the other boy up to the age of seven. Later her physiological changes made her Jogamma by her family.

Living in the community made her choose her career as begging to lead life. Now she cannot be part of her family as the near and dear hesitate to stay with her. Her basic right to education was deprived. This suddenly lovable hindrance of the community and the family created trauma at a small let her commit suicide and even attempt it but not succeed. She learned the traditional form of the dance through her guru. This makes her independent by teaching the ritual folk dance (performed by a group of women, generally, transwomen called Jogappas).

Earlier she is a member of the Janapada Cultural Academy and later on, In 2019 appointed as the first transgender chairperson of the Karnataka cultural Academy. She is well-known for her art contribution for which she receives the Padma Shree award in the 2021 Transgender award category.

She is a trendsetter to the community, requests not to abandon kids like her, make them independent by providing the right to education by the family and community, and not to allow them to choose odd careers. This platform makes recognition not only to Jogathi but also to the members of the transgender community.

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