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As our country is moving forward, the youth here are also showing their amazing work by using their qualities in the field of education, and the special thing is that youth leaving their jobs and moving towards agriculture. It seems that in the coming years, the country will again be known for farming and will be called the golden bird. Today, the young farmers who we are going to tell you about, are also leaving their jobs and showing their amazing skills in agriculture based on their technology and are earning good profits.

A Success story of two young entrepreneurs. Mr Priyanshu Jain and Mr Aniket Shukla

Today we are talking about two friends Priyanshu Jain and Ankit Shukla living in Dehradun. Their farm is located in Dehradun and Commissioned Uttarakhand’s Largest Hydroponics Soilless Farm with 14000+ plants capacity in 7000 sq.ft. area.

Priyanshu Jain’s ambitions lied in sustainable farming that gave people the privilege of growing their own food and in empowering farmers with 40 times more production through 10 times less water than traditional farming.

And there was the rise of India’s leading hydroponics farm set-up company- AGRI JOY LLP

Their interest is increased in hydroponics farming and now started with the Strawberries production hydroponically and wants to grow many more healthy and nutritious plants with successful harvest.

Agri Joy is an Early Stage Agri-tech start-up, working on next gen farming techniques, building farms, doing turnkey projects, and making them next Gen ready! Their farms are automated and ensures proper care, required environmental conditions and hygiene.

If you wish to walk you through an intensive “hydroponics Farming Model” that all 21st-century farmers/entrepreneurs are using to create a profitable farming business independent of land size and climatic/ soil conditions, follow Agri Joy on the following platforms:




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