Organic Manure From Kitchen Waste

The peels and waste from vegetables and fruits are treated as trash and are thrown away. But this waste contains important nutrients, which are very necessary for proper growth and development of plants. We can convert this trash into gold. Organic manure can be easily prepared from kitchen waste and in this blog we are going to learn it.

Organic Manure From Kitchen Waste

The process of preparation of Organic Manure from kitchen waste is very easy. It involves following 5 simple steps and requires 40 days to prepare.

Step 1. Add Kitchen Waste Into A Container:

Add all the peels and waste from fruits, vegetables and other kitchen waste into a container. If the first container is full use second one.

Step 2. Addition Of Brown Materials:

Now add all the brown materials like cocopeat or dry leaves and sawdust into the container. This helps moisture control from the wet waste.

Step 3. Addition of Microbes:

Now for breaking this waste into smaller units we have to add Microbes in the container. This increases the rate of decomposition process of waste. For this we add earthworms, pre-prepared manure, buttermilk or soil from under the banyan tree, etc.

Step 4. Airation:

The supply of oxygen is very important for aerobic decomposition of the waste. You can make small holes in the container. Daily turning of the waste is also done for proper air supply. Proper air flow prevents rotting smell from waste. In this way smell free organic manure is prepared.

Now dry the manure and store it for future use. You can use this organic manure in your kitchen garden. It is a complete food for your plants.

Step 5. Regular Layering:

The kitchen waste in added regularly in the container in layers. The organic manure is completely formed in 40-45 days.

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