You are in love with plants but is a city dweller or your hobby is gardening and want to expand your garden, terrace farming is the one for you! Gardening is a passion that provide both relief and satisfaction to you. Its a soul-feeding practice where you can be the life saver of many plants.

Picturising a garden, we all get that beautiful frontyard or backyard garden filled with greenery and some brownish tint along with some very attractive colours. Isn’t it time to think ahead of time. We live in an era where space is limited, time is inadequate, and maintaining our own health and hobby is a blurred dream. The only way to survive through this is by proper time and space management.

Terrace gardening is also known as rooftop gardening. As it is set up on a rooftop, we should consider the weight the roof can hold and make a plan according to that. Rest of the choices is all your creativity, passion and your necessity.This can be a wonderful fruit orchard, a delicious vegetable garden, an abode of bonsai, a collection of beautiful array of flowering annuals and climbers, or a combination of all these.

Terrace gardening can’t be addressed as an innovation, it has always been there among the metroplitans and many of you might be already practicing this at your own home. Terrace farming or gardening is not always about the aesthetic value it provides. Sometimes it is for the steady supply of veggies to your kitchen or for that medicinal herb that is a part of your health regime.

When everyone is busy building an edifice, let us add a little twist and create this wonderful green rooftop with your favourite plants and make your home or office a better place to be.


    1. Thank you @ben martin for such heartfelt feedback. I will try to work more on gardening topics. The blog you shared was indeed informative.

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