The Andhra Pradesh government is introducing a new initiative to benefit farmers in the state. In addition to RBKs, which serve as one-stop solution centres to assist farmers in all their activities, Rythu Bharosa Ratham is a digital initiative that provides farmers with timely information on improved techniques and practices via mobile vehicles that travel to three regional farmers’ centres.

Through mobile vehicles, this campaign will reach more farmers and deliver the message in a more visual and memorable way.

Arun Kumar IAS, Agriculture Commissioner, furthered his comments on the initiative by stating that the Agriculture Department should use technology to impart knowledge to farmers.

By providing these vehicles, knowledge will be disseminated to farmers for reducing input investment and increasing productivity by facilitating interaction with scientists and other practitioners. Our goal is to introduce the vehicles to all districts through a company’s CSR program.

This initiative will first be carried out in three districts, Srikakulam, Krishna, and YSR Kadapa.

Two of the three districts have begun operations – Srikakulam and Krishna District. Rythu Bharosa Ratham will be under the control of the Joint Director of Agriculture, and the Head of DRC will function as its operational head.

In addition to LED wall, audio and video systems, CCTV surveillance, video conference equipment, GPS tracking, spotlights and blacklight posters, Rythu Bharosa Ratham is equipped with a 10KW generator.

These vehicles will travel to villages and raise awareness for farmers on agricultural advancements, improvement techniques, and solutions available to them.

Farmers will be able to interact with scientists one-on-one in real-time via video conferencing to clarify any doubts or concerns they may have.

As the vehicle is designed to capture the attention of farmers, the digital communication medium and the information exchange will provide a more memorable experience for them, encouraging them to retain and apply the information. Farmers are also made aware of various government schemes through Rythu Bharosa Ratham.

During the training program, pre-recorded videos of a 1–2 minute duration will be shown on the screen, which will be known as knowledge capsule videos, and an agriculturist with 8-10 years of experience will accompany each vehicle to assist in training. In addition, each vehicle will be equipped with 20 foldable chairs.

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