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Olea europea  long-lived, evergreen, branched tree which has green coloured edible fruits known as olives (jaitun in hindi)which when ripens are canned to turn black. It is classified as drupe fruit having 80% water content and 11-15%  fat content i.e. oleic acid (monounsaturated fat) ,4-6% of carbohydrates, loaded with  iron, calcium, copper ,magnesium and high amount of vitamin E.


Supports cardiovascular system- olives are low in cholesterol and maintains good cholesterol over bad, therefore using olive oil for heart patients reduces the risk of several cardiac diseases. People who eat extra-virgin oil daily are at a lower risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases.

Improves blood circulation- olives are rich source of iron beneficial for both short –term and long-term health. They also contain some mineral content which helps to deliver oxygen to various organs in the body.

Delays ageing-   due to the presence of oleic acid and antioxidants such as vitamin-E which fights with free radical damage and enhances appearance and also fades the wrinkles and keeps skin healthy.

Aids in losing weight- ten pieces eaten before every meal would bring into the body all the monounsaturated fatty acids needed. This will help in digestion and also hormonal stimulation that promotes in weight loss.

Anti-bacterial action– due it its nutritional composition it is helpful in resisting various microbes responsible for cancer or stomach ulcers. Eating olives daily can eliminate harmful bacteria in our body.


Olives are a zesty fruit consumed in salads, pasta sauces, pizza, biryani, sandwiches, and pickles. Let us see the quick ways of adding olives to your balanced diet.

  1. Salad– olives can be consumed raw in salads with tomatoes, spring onions, sprouts, green pepper and adding some salt, black pepper and olive oil to enhance its flavor.
  2. Olive tomato pasta
    • add 2 cups of water in a heating pan, then add a tbsp. of salt and add a cup of pasta and allow it to boil. Cover and cook until it gets soften.
    • keep the boiled pasta aside. Add 2 tbsp. of any vegetable oil and allow to heat in the other pan. Then add some mixed herbs and chili flakes in the heated oil with 1 tbsp. of chopped garlic and some onions, green pepper, and a cup of tomatoes.
    • now add some spices and sauces to your dish. cover and cook it for few minutes, then add boiled pasta and black olives.
    • allow it to cook for 5 minutes and turn of the flame.

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