A new innovative method of Rice cultivation to get over Drought problem and increases the productivity of Paddy by 25% with lesser seed rate. This method is the combination of ideas from three methods Rice intensification, Single seeding & Direct sowing.

Man behind this

A common man from Sirugamani village of Trichy district in Tamil Nadu, S.Venkateswaran – the Businessman turned into an innovative farmer who invented this technique of capsule seed cultivation. His main aim for developing this technique is to mitigate the drought.

In February 2018 – He received an “Innovative Farmer” award from Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore.

In March 2018 – He received an award of “Innovative Farmer Award” of Indian Agriculture Research Institute at the Krishi Unnati Mela held in Delhi. 

He was conferred with  Innovative farmer award from Agricultural Technology  Application Research Institute (ATARI), Hyderabad.

Seed Capsule

It is normally a Capsule used in the medical field made of gelatine and Sterilized fat. Its size may vary according to the seed and the materials added to the seed.

Each capsule contains two Paddy seeds and Neem seed powder, Humic acid and Micronutrients. These contents may vary based upon our needs like Bio-fertilizers, Fungicides, Bactericides & Pesticides.

These capsule can be directly sown into the field before water release. Whenever the water is released the capsule dissolves and seed starts to germinate. These capsules are sown by use of Machinery like nursery transplanter.

The Neem seed powder inside the capsule prevents the seed from Pests and Diseases. And some other crops like Tomato, Brinjal and Sesame seeds are also used in this capsule cultivation technique.

Capsule and its contents


  1. The seed rate is reduced from 30kgs to 2.4 kgs, a total of 60,000 capsules are required per acre to sow.
  2. It increases productivity of paddy by 25% when compared to conventional methods.
  3. The cropping period is less, because it eliminates Nursery phase.
  4. The Neem seed powder in capsule prevents seed from Pests and Diseases.


  1. It is quite expensive, which costs 65 paisa per capsule.
  2. These capsules should be handled and stored in dry environment.
  3. Sowing 60,000 capsules manually is laborious process.

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