DeHaat means illiterate and unskillful and basically it was designated to poor and helpless villagers. But now the meaning has changed to something really grateful, all credit goes to a son of farmer named as Shashank Kumar. This guy is an IIT graduate who could have chosen a better life in abroad with high package of salary may be in U.S or in much bigger and established country but he choose to be an angle for farmers. In 2012 Shashank Kumar as a founder and CEO with Manish Kumar came up with the AgriTech startup known as DeHaat, initially started in Bihar. On Jan 2021 DeHaat successfully achieved a milestone by raising a funding of 90 crores. So, sharing their way of success to build your bridge towards success is what we are for!  


DeHaat has been recognized with the most established and growing startup in India. India has over 45 billion farmers but taking farming as an occupation was never someone’s choice but it was sometimes heredity or sometimes family issue. By looking towards the future need DeHaat came forward with an algorithm – ‘Beech se Bazaar’ which means the complete solution in one app. DeHaat is situated in Bihar, U.P, Odisha and West Bengal. With almost serving 350000 farmers. DeHaat has their own service centers within the range of 3-4 km from the farmers. 

Strategy and working model of DeHaat:

Success of any startup is measured by their happy customers, and DeHaat has successfully done this. 

Farming works at 3 sectors  

  1. Which crop to grow? 
  1. How to make crop healthy? 
  1. Where to sell? 

Solving these three extreme questions will make your customers to stick to your plan. DeHaat solve all these questions on one ground. They invest 380000 minutes every month in just solving queries and problems of the farmers for free of cost in all regional languages. They serve one roof solution.  

5 biggest needs of farmers are  

Agri input: As mentioned above they have their own service centers where they provide all kinds of tested seeds and fertilizers in an affordable range. 

Agri outputs: Farmers faces issue in selling their harvest sometimes they have to sell it lower than their investment. DeHaat has also resolve this problem by connecting farmers with direct consumers and corporate where they get their source of money. 

Agri advisory: DeHaat knew that old methods of farming are over rated there is need of development and strong advisory.  

Agri Finance: Farming not just needs time and strength but requires money too. This issue was solved by connecting farmers with finance sector where banks will not seize their land and give low interest loan.  

Agri Insurance: After all agriculture is result of luck. Farming is completely dependent on climate. So, farmers need to be assured with proper amount after failure of the crops. This was done by connecting farmers with insurance sector of banks.  

Beside this Dehaat app comes with new technology which shares weather forecast and one can give their soil for testing also. 

One basic rule which DeHaat applied was- ‘We need to search such ideas where we can complete every kind of needs regarding the area and this will make our one-time costumer as a full time one.’ Our new entrepreneur needs to make this as their ideal model and start working on the business now because if you want purchase things without looking at the price tag than you need to work without looking at the time. 

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