We all know about the ‘green’ ladyfinger cultivar. But what happens when it goes ‘red’? Well, it gets a lot more beneficial and nutritious than the ‘green’ ones. This new red variety of ladyfinger, duly known as ‘Kumkum Bhindi‘, is grown in Uttar Pradesh and is termed as a wonder crop. The crop is likely to double farmers’ income.

The many nutritional benefits of Kumkum Bhindi

As mentioned earlier, this new variety has a ton of nutritional benefits. Agriculture experts say that ‘Kumkum Bhindi’ has 94 per cent polyunsaturated fat which reduces bad cholesterol. In addition, it has high sodium content (66 per cent) that helps in controlling blood pressure, 21 per cent iron content which reduces the chances of anaemia and 5 per cent protein that maintains the metabolic system of body.

This red variety also contains anthocyanins and phenolics which increases its nutritional value.

The presence of crude fibre helps in controlling sugar. Among the vitamins, the variety is rich in vitamin B complex.

Growing season: When to grow?

The ideal time period for the sowing of Kumkum Bhindi starts February to the second week of April. Sowing is also possible somewhere around month of November, but the growth will be seemingly less in December-January. Fruits start appearing from February and will be available by November. The prices of early crops are good.

Market price: How much does it cost?

A comparison between the prices of green ladyfinger and red ladyfinger is significant. In the wholesale market, the price of green variety ranges between Rs. 12 to 15 per kg, while the red variety fetches around Rs. 45 to 80 per kg. This marked difference is due to the fact that people are considering it as a superfood.

Farmers are happy and excited about the cultivation of this red ladyfinger. Many of them plan to cultivate the variety this season.

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