A John Deere 7R 350 AutoPowr

Tractors are an integral part of the machinery of any farm. An efficient and productive workhorse is a treasure for farmers. Different farm machinery and equipment manufacturers bring forth their models for the world to see. The International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition (EIMA) is one place where they all flock to display their innovative offerings. EIMA is the world’s largest exhibition of agricultural and gardening machinery. The judges there have recognised these tractors as the world’s best in their respective categories in 2021.

Tractors and Recognition

From among 14 European finalists, here are the winners in four Tractor of the Year categories:

Tractor of the Year: John Deere’s 7R 350 AutoPowr won the Tractor of the Year award. Judges recognised the tractor for its on-board technology, automation package, cabin room and comfort. They also considered its sustainability factor which was in the form of a fuel guarantee program. Another notable point was the 350’s Active Command Steering – an example of how the driver can adjust operations to preferences and needs. The tractor has an EZ ballast system that makes it possible to automatically install and uninstall ballast weight.

[Ballast weight is something that is added to a vehicle to alter its handling performance.]

Sustainable Tractor of the Year: New Holland Agriculture’s T6.180 Methane Power earned this title this year. Manufacturers claim the six-cylinder compressed natural gas-powered engine (175-horsepower maximum power output with boost) to perform equally with its equivalent diesel cousins. The T6 Methane reduces fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Running costs are up to 30% lower. A key change in the T6.180 Methane is the replacement of the fuel tanks with a combination of 10 tanks arranged around the center of the chassis. The tractor can hold sufficient fuel for about eight hours of road haulage or PTO work, increasing to 14 hours in lighter operations. Judges said that it is the first commercial tractor of such kind, representing a step forward in sustainable farming.

Best Utility Tractor: Yet another John Deere tractor got this recognition. The John Deere 6120M AutoPowr stood out. Judges recognised the 6120M’s continuous variable transmission, short wheelbase, and its precision farming technology package. The model earned credit for its versatility to perform a range of tasks, from front loader work to soil cultivation or transport. A wholesome utility offering.

A Special Category
Reform Metrac H75 PRO

Best Specialized Tractor: Reform Metrac H75 PRO was the winner of this category. According to the judges, specialized farming applications require specialized tractors. This tractor with a distinctive “slope implement carrier” look has a low center of gravity, hydrostatic transmission, and an ability to manage two implements at a time, enough to pull the judges’ opinions. The tractor also performs well on slopes, giving it working advantages in buffer zones and marginal lands.

A panel of agricultural journalists judge the annual Tractor of the Year award and give the awards to the best European tractors. The awards have been given since 1998. This year, the EIMA International event took place in Bologna, Italy. Such award events are essential to spur innovation in the manufacturing industries.


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